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The Next Generation Internet (NGI) Program is a program of the California Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency, Division of Science, Technology and Innovation. The NGI program was initiated in response to the realization that electronic commerce applications are increasingly responsible for much of the ongoing development and growth of the Internet and the digital economy. As the technology behind the Next Generation Internet (NGI) matures, California companies need to (1) understand the impact of this new technology infrastructure on business applications and business models, and (2) adapt to the changes and take advantage of the opportunities these advances present. The Division of Science, Technology & Innovation (DSTI) has established the Next Generation Internet Project to direct and oversee the State's effort in this area

Established through the FY 2000-2001 Budget Act, the Next Generation Internet program provides $5 million in grant funds from the State to match $5 million dollars in federal funds and $10 million dollars of private sector funds to (1) establish two CommerceNet Next Generation Internet Application Centers in California and (2) provide matching funds for Next Generation Internet Application projects proposed and implemented by California companies.

DSTI is partnering with CommerceNet, the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC), private industry and the federal government to establish two NGI Application Centers in California and provide match funding for Application projects.

These Application Centers will house the development, testing, incubation and demonstration of new business and user-focused applications designed specifically to take advantage of the features and performance of the Next Generation Internet. The centers will provide resources to small companies and individual researchers to develop new software and applications for the Next Generation Internet. This will assist California's high-tech industries in maintaining their worldwide leadership, provide continued economic growth for the state, and create and retain high wage, high skill jobs.

Application projects will be awarded to California companies to: (1) accelerate the development Next Generation Internet enabled business applications, business models and start-ups, (2) demonstrate how commercial Next Generation Internet applications significantly benefit individual business users, (3) demonstrate how Next Generation Internet applications can improve the growth of the economy, corporate productivity, competitiveness and innovation, (4) assist non-high tech industries make use of emerging technology, (5) strengthen California leadership in Internet technologies and (6) create new Internet start-ups and high-tech, high-wage jobs

Through the NGI program DSTI encourages the development of applications that will use this new networking infrastructure in innovative ways for the economic and social improvement of individuals, companies, industries, regions, and communities throughout California.

Note, this description was taken from the CalNGI page.